S5648T-4Q L3+ Managed Ethernet Switch with 48 Port 10Gb Base T, 4*40Gb QSFP+ Uplinks

  • 1+1 Power Module , support hot swap
  • Support 1+1 smart Fan Modual, adjustable speed with temperature
  • Support QoS , DHCP , BGP , ACL
  • Support IPv6 Routing
  • Support ERPS, VRRP
  • Support Web, CLI, Snmp

Highligh Features:

  • QinQ
  • BGP
  • OSPF
  • MLAG
  • IPv6
  • VxLAN
  • MPLS
  • Layer 3 high-function

Application Scenarios:

  • Enterprise /Campus Networks
  • Telecommunication Operators Networks
  • Data Center Networks


System Design for Green and Energy Saving

S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch with MPLS Supports the fans with speed control as well as power consumption adjustment which is based on the flow status of the ports (According to the temperature inside the box).Both can highly save the energy and go for green.

Customized Profile for Different Deployment Scenarios

The Flexible Table Management (FTMTM) technology employed by S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch offers multiple table size configuration profiles as optimized choices for different network scenarios.  Supports up to 128K MAC address table or 32K IP routing table. Besides these pre-defined profiles, application-specific profile is also applicable with HOS Advanced Service.

Data Center Features

S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch provides dedicated features for Data Center applications, such as NVGRE/VXLAN/GENEVE, Priority Flow Control (PFC),Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS), Quantized Congestion Notification (QCN), and Data Center TCP. MLAG features are also good candidates for TOR switch in data center network.

Redundancy Design and Robust System

Hot swap power modules

AC 1+1 Power module redundancy

1+1 Fan redundancy

Real-time environment monitoring for chipset temperature, status of fan and power, etc

LACP, ECMP, VRRP, VARP, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Smart Link,BFD,ERPS and load-balancing

HOS-patented Sysmon for CPU status monitoring and protection upon unpredictable fault

Outstanding QoS Control with Flexible Classification and Queuing Mechanism

S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch provides 8 hardware queues per port to support multi-stage scheduling (WDRR, SP) and Tail Drop/WRED. 3-stage shaping (queue/group/port) can be applied for flow management.

Ingress and egress policer provide bandwidth monitoring with a granularity up to 64Kbps. Both SrTCM (Single Rate Three Color Marker) and TrTCM (Two Rate Three Color Marker) are supported.

Triple-play Service Support with Bandwidth Guaranty

S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch offers high bandwidth for Triple-Play services such as IPTV and video monitoring. The built-in QoS capabilities and flexible queuing technologies guarantee high quality of services.

Rich multicast protocol set (IGMP Snooping, IGMP v1/v2, PIM-SM) supports up to 16K multicast groups, 1K physical replications and 4K logical replications per group. With HOSOS software, IPTV service and multicast time-delay control is fully supported.

Comprehensive Network Security Policy

S5648T-4Q  10G Base-T Data Center Switch supports subscriber-class, switch-class and network-class security control.

Basic IPv4/IPv6/MAC ACL is employed to filter IPv4/IPv6/Non-IP packet respectively and can be applied to both port and VLAN. Besides that, extended IPv4/IPv6 ACL is also available. In a single ACL rule, both IP and MAC ACE can take effect to filter IP and Non-IP packets simultaneously.

ARP Inspection and IP Source Guard features prevent network from malicious ARP attack. CPU Traffic Protection and Storm Control features optimize CPU load. Centralized 802.1x authentication forbids illegal user access to the network.



S5648T-4Q Hardware Summary
1. Basic
Product Name S5648T-4Q
Product Positioning Data Center TOR access, Enterprise & Metro network access or aggregation
Switching Method Store and Forwarding/ Cut Through
CPU Model/ Frequency PowerPC P1010 533MHz
Flash 2GB (NAND)
Memory 1GB
Hardware Configuration Main Board Spec 48x10GE RJ45 + 4x40GE QSFP+
Uplink Network Sub Card Not Support
Console Type RJ45
Outband Eth Management Port 1 RJ45 GE Eth port
Inband Eth Management Port Support
USB Ports Not Support
2. Performance Spec
Switching Capacity 1.92Tbps (Chipset)
3. Hardware and Software Description
Hardware Architecure • Standard 1U 19’’ rack mountable
• 48x10GE RJ45 Ethernet Port
•4x40GE QSFP+ Ethernet Port
If Uplink network card support hot plug ? Not Support
Software upgrade method Through TFTP/FTP/WEB
Service interruption time when reboot system for software update less than 120s
4. The Power Supply and Power Requirements
Type of Power Supply AC Support
DC Support
Power supply range AC Operating Voltage: 100 ~ 240V; 50/60Hz
Maximum Voltage: 90 ~ 264V; 47~63Hz
DC Operating Voltage: 36 ~ 75Vdc Input
Double Power Input Support
The power supply module is pluggable Support
Typical/Max Power Draw 150W / 280W
5. Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
Whether the equipment installation overcurrent, overvoltage protector ? Yes
Surge protection level 4 KV
6. Others
Hardware Size (H×W×D) in. 440mm×420mm×44mm
Weight (kg) 5.3kg (include One PSU)
Cooling Mode Fan cooling (Front-to-Rear airflow)
Noise < 50 dB
Quality of Fans 4 (3 + 1 Backup)
Whether to support the fan module pluggable? Support
If the fan support intelligent speed control function ? Support
Operating Temperature Range Operating temperature: 0 to 45 ºC (Long term) -5 to 50 ºC (Short term)


Feature List
Attribute Description Support
Ethernet basic features Ethernet Ethernet interface operating modes: full duplex, half duplex, and auto-negotiation
Ethernet interface operating rates: 1Gbit/s, 10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s, 100Gbit/s and auto-negotiation
Flow control on (TX and RX direction)
Jumbo frames (9600 Bytes)
Link aggregation (Static/LACP)
Static/Dynamic Load Balancing among the links of a Link aggregation
EF-DLB(elephant flow based DLB)
LAG self-healing
LAG support RR
Port Isolation
L2 Protocol Tunnel
Storm Control (unicast/broadcast/multicast)
VLAN Vlan access modes: access, trunk, and QinQ
MAC based VLAN Classification
IP based VLAN Classification
Protocol based VLAN Classification
QinQ(Basic QinQ and Selective QinQ)
VLAN Translation
Default VLAN
VLAN mapping
Voice Vlan
Guest VLAN
Private VLAN
MAC Automatic learning and aging of MAC addresses (Support HW learning)
Static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
Limitation on MAC address learning on interfaces (Port Security)
Limitation on MAC address learning on Vlans VLAN Security
Ethernet loop protection MSTP STP
BPDU filter
BPDU guard
Root guard
Partitioned STP and BPDU tunnel
ERPS ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching)
Single ERPS ring, tangent ERPS rings, and intersecting ERPS rings
Hybrid networking of ERPS rings and other ring networks
Layer 2 multicast Layer 2 multicast IGMP snooping v1v2v3
IGMP proxy
Fast leave
MAC based L2MC
Layer 2 Static Multicast
MVR(Inter-VLAN multicast replication)
IPv4 Forwarding ARP Static and dynamic ARP entries
Gratuitous ARP
Aging of ARP entries
ARP Proxy
Unicast routing Static Routes
BGP(Basic iBGP/eBGP)
ECMP self-healing
ECMP-DLB(Dynamic Load Balance ECMP)
Route Map
Policy-Based Route (PBR)
uRPF check
Multicast routing IGMPv1/v2/v3
Static Multicast
IPv6 Forwarding IPv6 basic ICMPv6
IPv6 Unicast routing IPv6 Static Route
IPv6 Multicast routing MLD v1/v2
MLD Snooping
IPv6/IPv4 Tunnel Static Tunnel / ISTAP Tunnel / 6to4 Tunnel
IPv6 Application DHCPv6 Server/Relay/Snooping
IPv6 Prefix-list
QoS Traffic classification Traffic classification based on the combination of the MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 ddress, L2 protocol header, TCP, UTP, outgoing interface, and 802.1p field
Traffic behaviors Access control after traffic classification
Traffic policing based on traffic classification (Policer)
Re-marking based on traffic classification (COS, DSCP)
Class-based packet queuing
Queue scheduling SP (8 Strict Priority)
WDRR (Weighted Deficit Round Robin)
Congestion avoidance Tail Drop, WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection)
Shapping Shapping based on Interfaces and queues
Cloud Goodput Explicit congestion notification(ECN)
High bandwidth, Ultra Low Latency(HULL)(Virtual queuing to mark ECN)
Device reliability Smartlink SmartLink
SmartLink multi-instance
BFD BFD (for Static IPv4 Route/VRRP/OSPF/Track)
M-LAG Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation
STM Switch Table Management Switch Table Management (Flexible system profiles)
Security System Security Hierarchical CLI protection to prevent unauthorized users from accessing Switch
SSH v2.0
RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication
ACL filtering (Standard ACL and extend ACL)
ACL filtering(Inner header filter)
DHCP packet filtering (Option 82)
ARP Inspection
IP Source Guard
CPU Traffic Limit
Prevent DDOS attack (ICMP Flood/Smurf/Fraggle/LAND/SYN Flood)
Telnet/SSH ACL filtering
RSA Key Generate
BHM (Beat Heart Monitor)
Configuration and maintenance Terminal service Configurations through CLI (Command Line Interface)
Help information
Login through console and Telnet terminals
File system File system
Directory and file management
Upload and download files through FTP or TFTP
IP Application DHCP Server
DHCP Relay
DHCP Snooping
DHCP Client
Device Management UDLD (Unidirectional Link Detection)
VCT (Virtual Cable Test)
802.3az EEE (Energy-Efficient Ethernet)
Debugging and maintenance Management of logs, alarms, and debugging information
User operation logs
Detailed debugging information for diagnosing network faults
Network test tools (Such as traceroute and ping)
Local Mirror(Port Mirror and VLAN Mirror)
Remote Mirror
Multi-destination Mirror
L2 ping
Port loopback
Loopback Detection
Network management Ping and Traceroute (IPv4)
SNMPv1/v2c/v3 (IPv4)
Standard MIB
Version upgrade Online upgrade software image
Online upgrade of the BootROM
Data Center Extensibility Programmatic access to system state: Phython
Open API
OpenStack Neutron(cloud agent)
OVSDB(configure VLAN/Tunnel)
Virtualization Support VARP
VXLAN gateway
VXLAN bridge
VXLAN routing
DCB IEEE 802.1Qbb PFC (Priority Flow Control)

Tips :● Support ○ Unsupport

Performance & Spec Table
Class Feature Sub Spec DefaultProfile Layer 2Profile Layer 3Profile IPv6Profile
Ethernet Basic Jumboframe Maximum Size 9600
Unicast MAC MAC address Capacity 65536 131072 32768 32768
MAC Learning Rate (SW) 3144 fps
MAC Learning Rate (HW) 6046093 fps
Blackhole MAC address capacity 128
Multicast MAC MAC address Capacity 2048 2048 1024 1024
Vlan Instances 4094
STP Convergence time 30s
RSTP Convergence time 775ms
MSTP Instance Num 64
Convergence time 774ms
Link Aggregation(Static&LACP) Maximum Member Num 16
Maximum Group Num 55
Load balance key mode destport/inner-destport/inner-ip-protocol/inner-ipda/inner-ipsa/inner-macda/inner-macsa/inner-sourceport/ip-protocol/ipda/ipsa/macda/macsa/nvgre-vsid//sourceport/vxlan-vni
Convergence time < 20ms
Smart-Link Maximum Groups Num 16
Maximum Protection Instance Num 64
Switchover time < 25ms
VLAN Classification Base MAC Capacity 512 1024 512 512
Base IPv4 Capacity 512 512 1024 512
Base IPv6 Capacity N/A N/A N/A 256
IPv4 Unicast ARP ARP Capacity 4096 1024 20480 4096
IPv4 FIB 8192 2048
ECMP Group 240
VRRP Management Groups Num 31
Switchover time < 4*advt_interval (advt_interval=100ms or 1s)
PBR Policy Route Map 32 N/A 32 32
Policy Based Routing ACE 64 N/A 64 64
IPv4 BFD Session Capacity 128 N/A N/A N/A
IPv4 Multicast IPMC Number of interfaces that support Multicast routing table 255
Multicast Routing Table 1023 0 1023 1023
IGMP Snooping Maximum Groups Num 2048
MVR Maximum Entry Num 511
IPv6 Unicast Host Route NDP Capacity N/A N/A N/A 4096
IPv6 FIB N/A N/A N/A 1536
ECMP Group N/A N/A N/A 240
IPv6 Multicast IPMC Number of interfaces that support Multicast routing table N/A N/A N/A 255
Multicast Routing Table N/A N/A N/A 255
MLD Snooping Maximum Groups Num N/A N/A N/A 4096
MVR V6 Maximum Entry Num N/A N/A N/A 255
IP Tunnel IP Tunnel Tunnel Peer Capacity 8 N/A 8 32
QoS QoS Per-port Queue Num 8
System Packet Buffer Capacity 3M
Policer granularity 0-2Mbps : 16Kbps
2Mbps-100Mbps : 32Kbps
100Mbps-1Gbps : 64Kbps
1Gbps-2Gbps : 128Kbps
2Gbps-4Gbps : 256Kbps
4Gbps-10Gbps : 512Kbps
10Gbps-40Gbps : 1024Kbps
40Gbps-100Gbps : 2048Kbps
Shape granularity 8Kbps
Ingress port qos ipv4 flow entries 2043 2043 2043 1019
Ingress port qos ipv6 flow entries N/A N/A N/A 507
ACL IPv4 ACL Ingress port acl for IPv4 2047 2047 2047 1023
Ingress vlan acl for IPv4 255 255 255 127
Egress port acl for IPv4 255 255 255 127
IPv6 ACL Ingress port acl for IPv6 N/A N/A N/A 511
Ingress vlan acl for IPv6 N/A N/A N/A 63
Egress port acl for IPv6 N/A N/A N/A 63
Security and Application IP Source Guard IPv4/IPv6 maximum rules Num 1024 1024 512 512
802.1x base MAC Maximum Entries 2048 512 512 512
DHCP-Snooping Maximum bound entry 4096
Metro Ethernet Vlan Mapping Maximum mapping table 64
Maximum rules Num 1024 2048 1024 1024
ERPS Domain Num 16
Ring Num 3/domain
Protection instance Num per Ring 1
Switchover time < 50 ms (optical port)
Overlay VXLAN VXLAN tunnel 8192 8192 8192 3072
VNI 2000
VTEP Peer 1024
VXLAN Gateway MAC for DVR 224 256 256 64
IPFix IPFix IPfix Member 16384 N/A 16384 16384


Product Name Quantity
Console Cable 1PCS
Power Cords 2PCS
Rack Mount Brackets 2PCS
Bracket Screws 10PCS
Rubber Pads 4PCS
Cat5e Cable 1PCS
Grounding Cable 1PCS
Tieline Buckle 2PCS
User Manual 1PCS
SFP 28 Dust Plug 4PCS
QSFP+ Dust Plug 2PCS


Product Name Description
Software Linsence HOS-EB, basic Layer3 software features,Pre installed
Software Linsence HOS-MS, Full layer3 software license key
Software Linsence HOS-MA, Metro features software license key