400G QSFP-DD Passive Direct Attach Copper Twinax Cable

  • Supports aggregate data rates of 400Gbps(PAM4)
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3bj and IEEE 802.3cd
  • 400G Ethernet(IEEE 802.3cd), InfiniBand EDR
  • Optimized construction to minimize insertion loss and cross-talk
  • Customizable EEPROM mapping for cable signature
  • Customized cable braid termination limits EMI radiation
  • Straight and break-out assembly configurations are available
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Product Type QDD-400G-XXCUXX Vendor Starry Networks
Form Factor QSFP-DD to QSFP-DD Max. Data Rate 425Gbps
Wire AWG 30AWG, 28AWG optional Jacket Material PVC(OFNR)
Cable Type Passive Twinax Temperature 0~70°C
Power Consumption ≤0.1W Protocols IEEE 802.3cd, QSFP-DD MSA, CMIS 4.0

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