25GBASE 1270-1370nm CWDM SFP28 10km DOM Duplex LC SMF Optical Transceiver Module

Item Spotlights

  • Max Power Consumption ≤1.75W.
  • Provide Professional Compatibility and Parameter Test Reports.
  • Compliant with Hot Pluggable SFP28 MSA Standard.
  • Class1/1M Standard Product, Compliant with RoHS Environmental Protection Standards (Lead-Free).
  • DDM(Digital Diagnostic Monitoring) Supported.
  • Significantly Improve the Flexibility, Economy and Reliability of Networking.
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Product Type SFP-25G-CW10 Vendor Starry Networks
Form Factor SFP28 Max. Data Rate 25.78Gbps
Wavelength 1270nm-1370nm Max Cable Distance 10km
Connector Duplex LC Media SMF
Transmitter Type DFB Receiver Type PIN
Tx Power -7~2dBm Receiver Sensitivity < -12dBm
Powe Consumption ≤1.75W Commercial Temperature Range 0~70°C
DDM Supported EMC(Magnetic Compatibility) Supported
Modualation Mode NRZ CDR Tx & Rx Built-in CDR
Protocols SFF-8472, SFF-8431, SFF-8432, SFP28 MSA, CPRI, eCPRI

Product Highlights

25G SFP28 optical module offers optimal input/output (I/O) performance and 2.5 times the fiber capacity of 10G Ethernet performance.
The biggest advantage that Starry Networks 25G Ethernet technology brings to the data center is the ability to maximize bandwidth and port density,
saving operational costs by reducing the number of ToR switches and cables to provide the most energy efficient way to meet the growing demands
of next-generation data center networks.

Six professional transceiver performance tests

Starry Networks has a full range of professional testing equipments for testing various
parameters of products to ensure high performance and quality of optical transmission stability.