Next Generation 2.5G Network Solution

Development of technology and Industry

CAT5e / 6 / 6A twisted pair is the most popular transmission medium in the enterprise and campus network, and its rate almost always stops at the Gigabit rate. However, with the continuous improvement of computing, storage, wireless network performance, and the rapid growth of video traffic, the Gigabit network has become a visible performance bottleneck in the future. Therefore, the evolution of network communication equipment to 2.5G speed is inevitable.

Progress of 2.5G NIC chip – promotion of 2.5G network by Intel, AMD, and Realtek

of the new chipset of 2.5G NIC since 2020. Through the vigorous promotion of both, the cost of a 2.5G network card has been declining. In addition, mainstream motherboard manufacturers have launched PC motherboards that integrate 2.5G NIC by default.

Intel i225 NIC chip
MSI motherboard onboard 2.5G NIC

As a leading manufacturer of NIC chips, Realtek has also launched many 2.5G NIC chips, and the 2.5G NIC based on Realtek chips has been quickly introduced to the market.

Realtek 2.5G NIC chip

Progress of PHY chip – Broadcom, Marvell, and Realtek have launched 2.5G network solutions.

In addition to the popularity of NIC chips, the 2.5G network also needs switches to support the 2.5G rate, and switches can not support the 2.5G rate without the support of the PHY chip. Therefore, Broadcom, Marvell, and Realtek, as leading PHY chip manufacturers in the field of data communication, launched their 2.5G PHY chip scheme in 2019.

Marevll 2.5G5G10G PHY Chip
Broadcom 2.5G PHY Chip

Why 2.5G networks?

More and more video traffic

With the continuous development of the Internet and mobile Internet, the proportion of video stream to communication bandwidth is rising, and the traditional gigabit network has become more complex.

Gigabit network has become the bottleneck of WiFi 6 ax network uplink

With the continuous development of WiFi technology, its wireless bandwidth has far exceeded Gigabit, and its uplink interface rate has gradually evolved from Gigabit to multi-Gigabit. As a result, standard Gigabit switching equipment has become a massive bottleneck in WiFi 6 network architecture.

Continuous improvement of storage technology performance

With the gradual elimination of mechanical hard disks and the continuous popularization of SSD technology, PC’s storage I / O performance has been dramatically improved. When users read and write files through the network, the Gigabit switching system can no longer bear the heavy task of high-speed file transmission.

2.5G network can be based on CAT5e cable

For the already built network, how to achieve higher network transmission speed without significantly increasing the budget, 2.5g network technology can do this, because according to 2.5g technical specifications, can run on Cat5e wiring system, which well protects the user investment.

Starry Networks 2.5G product introduction

As a leading manufacturer in the multi-Gigabit product field, Starry Networks has launched many switch products supporting 2.5G.

S3508 series

S3508-4X: 8*100M/1000M/2.5G BASE-T with 4*10G SFP+ Uplinks,L3 Managed Ethernet Switch

S3508P-4X: 8*100M/1000M/2.5G BASE-T with 802.3 AF/AT(30W Max ) PoE+ 4*10G SFP+ Uplinks,150W POE PSU, L3 Managed Ethernet Switch

S3508PB-4X: 8*100M/1000M/2.5G BASE-T with 802.3 AF/AT/BT(45W Max) PoE++ 4*10G SFP+ Uplinks,250W POE PSU,L3 Managed Ethernet Switch

S5048 series

48 Port 2.5GBase-T L3 Managed Ethernet Switch with 2*40Gb

QSFP+ And 4*25G/10G Uplinks

2*250W (1+1 Redundancy) Hot-swappable Power Supplies

2*Hot-swappable Fan Module


48 Port 2.5GBase-T L3 Managed Ethernet Switch with 2*40Gb

QSFP+ And 4*25G/10G Uplinks

1*200W Non pluggable Power

Supply 4*Non Pluggable Fans

Starry Networks 2.5G switches application solution

2.5G Lan Access
WIFI6 2.5G Uplink